Dragonflies and Dragons and Gluten-Free Baked Goods

Welcome to Dragonflies and Dragons!

Why the weird name?  Well, I’ve had to be gluten-free for almost two decades now, and for many years it had an inordinately frustrating effect on my life as everything suddenly revolved around food.  I longed for warm, chewy pretzels, pizza, a rich dark lager, light and fluffy eclairs and other gluten-filled foods.  I thanked my lucky stars that at least I could still eat ice cream and yogurt!!

After years of experimenting like a mad scientist, I finally had a homemade cookbook of gluten-free foods that were nutritious, actually tasted good and didn’t feel like I was eating sugary sand.  I bought a GF domain name, planning to help others suffering from gluten allergy and intolerance.  Then I was diagnosed with an inability to properly digest casein, a milk protein.  No more ice cream, no more yogurt, no more cheese. Ever. Again.

Who wants to spend all their time talking about only one thing?  OK, lots of experts make a good living doing exactly that, but my interests and questions are too varied for that kind of hyperfocus to last very long.  My children, my clients and my friends ask about all kinds of things, so I’m writing about some of the things that I’m constantly asked.

The domain stayed the same (for now) — GlutenFreeBakedGoods.org — but my blog title changed to Dragonflies and Dragons to reflect the greater diversity of topics.  If I wait for that to be fixed, this blog may never get off the ground.  Sometimes

DONE is Better than Perfect.

This will be an eclectic blog for sustainable living, covering some of the many topics of interest, particularly those where I have wanted to find more resources or a different sort from the typical approach.  There will most likely be posts on financial management, DIY home improvement, Gluten-free Casein-free (Dairy-free) recipes, parenting someone with Asperger’s, ADHD and whatever else I’ve had friends ask about and that I’ve spent hours upon hours researching.  Expect some frugal and efficient organizing, hopefully some resourcefulness, a little homeschooling, and a lot of laughs.

Again, welcome!